Our Process

life cycle of a new high performance home | Comfort Choice Homes

We start by listening to your needs, time frame, and priorities. We’ll then show you past projects and discuss design options for your consideration. We’ll discuss new technologies, their benefits, and costs as well as your budget, design costs, and timelines.


Our goal is to provide a home that is very healthy and comfortable with low maintenance costs meeting your needs and budget.


  1. We start by designing your home in a digital format so we can show you performance options, costs of construction and ownership, and comfort levels.
  2. We will show you technology options such as radiant heating and cooling, advanced lighting, medical-grade fresh air systems, free earth heated garage, out buildings, and so on.
  3. We work with your budget to help you set priorities and balance final design costs to stay on-budget. We then prepare pre-appraisal construction and operating cost information for the lender to get a construction loan.


Comfort Choice Homes is a leader in this process bringing cross-training to market in 2016 and offering classes for builders, realtors, appraisers, and lenders in the upper Midwest. We have proven a process including letters and forms to give to lender, cost of construction data, and operating data for green appraiser assigned by lender.