New Construction

We meet with your contractor and project forman providing on-site training and as-built manuals and planning to assure a successful build. We are there as the footing pad goes in assuring full water proofing standards are met and key thermal breaks are properly installed. We work to provide you results versus minimum code standards.

Comfort Choice Homes (CCH) has custom tool kits we rent to the contractor to assure ease of build and helping them stay on labor and material budget. Diagrams will be provided in laminated weather protected format for crew to reference, plus CCH is only a call away.

CCH uses industry-leading components from our advanced RS MAX CIPS (continuous insulation panel system), advanced water proofing designs, slab on grade FPSF components, to next generation air source heat-pump ASHP radiant heat/cool solutions, and 3rd generation LED lighting systems.

Final Commission/Testing

We visit the site weekly to check on air and water seal details. We have used thermal cameras for 12 years, blower door pressure test equipment, and check lists to provide performance.

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