Energy Audits

An energy audit of an existing home is a report on the home’s durability, energy use, and comfort. The report includes a picture tour of the home along a with thermal scan of envelope with commentary on how its impacting comfort, energy use, and sustainability. We test for air tightness and provide a list of recommended work to be completed. Lenders can use this report to justify approving the construction loan.

This report becomes a basis for size of the loan and energy rebates, and it is used by the underwriting department to build a pre-work appraised value of the home. When work is completed, a new efficiency report is provided to lender, and a final appraisal is completed adding to the home’s value. Comfort Choice Homes is a leader in this process bringing cross-training to market in 2016 with classes for builders, realtors, appraisers, and lenders in the upper Midwest.

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